A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch

General Sewing

Original ideas and

Crafting With Love

All the designs are made from scratch, starting from creating the patterns, the hand made sewing and finally the details to the cute and final product.

Original designs

With a Love Touch

Birthday cards or another special events can have a peculiar way to remember since this cards are design to be truly cute.

Specialized in

Cross Stitch

Noboby has all the patience and the creativity to do this kind of work, but I must to tell that I really love it.

I use the patterns real color and I promisse from all the works that I made, clients have been 100% satisfied with the work  in this little ones.

Creative Recycling


I just love presents and give presents is the best feeling.

My main idea to create my presents is try to recycle materials that could transform to something that can be really special, beautifull and nice to wear.

Handmade Gifts