Product and process


Here we can see some of the ideas that I made and some of them shows the process and how I gradually got  close to the final product.

Little creep from minecraft

For the most of the people who plays minecraft, this is a handmade birthday card. Inside the card we can see that all the theme is pixeled. Total worktime--> 3 days.

Knitted boots

The materials that this boots are made are 100% cotton and they can work to walk in home when is  cold outside, giving you a cozzy feeling. Total worktime --> 4 days.

Key Chain House

All made by hand,  all the details, the little rabit, window and door. The folwers are small decoration with pearls.

The back side is jeans material that have an inscription in Swedish that translating in English would say " Your friend Nashi". Total worktime -->4 days.