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A Few Words

About Me

I  decided to open this page because I enjoy making nice and cute stuff, without thinking how long or how much it could take to transform the idea that I imagen in my mind to the physic world.

My name is Nashira Vogtschmidt and I am from Bolivia, a place that is known by the amazing culture and wonderfull hand crafting.

I been using my imagination and my creativity since I was very young, playing in my backyard, creating my own world with just tying up sticks together  and making brithges from one tree's branch to another.

With the time I been developing my imagination and started to  embroid some tableclothes, decorating with flowers from diferent colors.

At the time of my adolescence my family started to have serious problem with the economy, so i started to cross stitching so i could help. I also started to fix my own clothes and making my own fashion. .

Nashira Vogtschmidt

Later I learned how to knitt, even though I was not so good as I expected, I continued working in it, making just some scarfs and hats at that moment.

Then I started to do some armbads and necklaces, by just buying my materials in a hobbie stores or second hand stores so I can re-use those precious pearls or stones.

I found it very relaxing, just sit there and start to play with the colors and how it would look better to the eyes and how it would look with special autfits.

With the time, I found fascinating the world of sewing, so I extended my skills to create more. Like stuffed animals. Like all girls, I love stuffed animals!

Now that I found the way to create them makes me happy.

Toguether whith the creation of stuffed animals I started my skills in patchwork. I found it really interesting, mixing different kinds of textures and create paintings.

Makes me relax the way that a small part of a fairy tail can be told by just looking at it.